introduction // first entry

to all the readers i haven’t met yet,

just for the record, english isn’t my first language. i’m terribly sorry if my english is not that good and i hope you all won’t mind. i’m filling my blog with two languages, english and indonesian.

i’m writing this in my office because i openly hate my job. i hate it so much i could die by just hating it.

oh, sorry. pardon my bluntness. i am catherine, i am almost nineteen at present. i just accepted in a small company almost three months ago. i’m working as a finance staff with tons of tasks i don’t even fully understand. well, maybe that caused by a) i’m from a vocational school with secretary major and b) i’m not a fan of mathematics. i’m started to think that this is all about karma; one day when i was in school, i prayed to God that my math teacher stepped on a Lego so she couldn’t come to the class. turns out, i got a job in finance department and i can’t do anything right since i came here.

sometimes, i imagine what if i went to college. meet new friends, argue with professors, be a normal teenager… but reality never failed to woke me up. “you’re broke as hell, don’t even think about it. now work your ass off and may you dead inside!” reality exclaimed. so, i woke up and stopped imagining. i wake up every day and pretend to not dying, that what it felt like to stopped imagining.

but recently, i started to imagine again. not about college. not about get my ass in a popular university. something else. something different. something better.

shit, my boss just saw me blogging. i gotta go. fasten your seatbelt because this is gonna be a long ride!